Fall Elk Hunt

We made it back from our Elk Hunt in Central Idaho.  It was hot during the day 70-75 and at night it would cool down to upper 2o’s to mid 30’s.  The elk were not bugling.  We packed in by foot just over six miles and set up camp.  During the seven days  we say one spiked bull and one cow, over twenty head of deer and one bear. We moved camp a couple of times trying to locate the elk.  It was hot and either the elk were not moving or just in another area.  We had heard of only one other group that had taken a small 5×4 in that area.   We had a great time hunting and camping in the wilderness.  I am going to try to get back into this area in November, weather permit. Continue reading Fall Elk Hunt

Fall Elk Hunt

I am going on a early fall elk hunt in Central Idaho for seven days.  We are going to pack in approximately 10 miles and use camping equipment and Sitka hunting clothing from High Mountain Outfitters.  I have been scouting for the past several months and am excited to go.  I have heard that some nice bulls have been taken during the archery season in that area.  I will report back on how we did and talk about the gear we used.


Late Summer Velvet

I can’t sleep!  I roll over to look at my clock and it is 3 AM.  All I can think about is that big bull elk.  It’s not opening day of elk season, it is early August.  My thoughts go back to one of mother nature’s most amazing miracles, the slow but steady growth of elk antlers covered in velvet.  I have to get some sleep.  My thoughts turn to getting prepared to go on my elk hunt this fall in the Middle Fork area north of Big Creek, Idaho. Continue reading Late Summer Velvet

First Lite Merino Wool Llano

The First Lite Llano long sleeve crew is the ultimate first layer shirt for any hunting situation. Inspired by whitetail hunts in the Texas hill country, the First Lite Llano can be worn just as easily on a September elk stalk in the Rocky Mountains. The First Lite Llano is a great base layer for those days when it is 30° at dawn, 85° at 11:00 a.m. and back down to 40° at sunset; it’s the ultimate comfort for the alpine hunter. Continue reading First Lite Merino Wool Llano


Kenetrek Boots of Montana offers quality footwear for the dedicated outdoorsman. From a line of very supportive, yet lightweight mountain hunting boots that are designed for travel in rugged terrain to a high quality line of pac boots that are actually comfortable to walk in. Whether tending to chores on the ranch or chasing that full curl ram in the Brooks, Kenetrek Boots of Montana can provide the footwear that will perform for you. Working and hunting footwear that has been tested and proven in the toughest of conditions.


Kenetrek Boots of Montana
Kenetrek Boots of Montana


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