2013 First Lite

2013 begins a new chapter in the First Lite hunting gear story. With a keen focus on providing an end to end layering system for the backcountry hunter, First Lite brings to market a new line of synthetic hunting gear to extend their awesome merino wool offerings. A technical line of rain gear, insulating layers and mid to late season hunting outerwear to meet the needs of the dedicated hunter as they endure extreme conditions deep in ungulate territory. First up is the new First Lite Boundary Stormtight Jacket using patented Cocona waterproofing technologies to keep hunters dry and comfortable during the worst of what Mother Nature has to offer. Next up, an insulating layer to battle the frigid lows often observed in volatile mountain hunting conditions. The First Lite Uncompahgre Puffy Jacket features exceptional heat to weight ratios making it a great addition to your pack. The third major addition to the lineup is a soft shell pant quite different from the designs of yesteryear. Be sure to check out the First Lite North Branch Pant; a little innovation can go a long way to improving your hunting experience. And lastly, a new line of early and late season hunting gloves and merino wool hunting socks to complete your First Lite system of technical hunting gear.

2013 Sitka Gear

2013 brings a host of new products to the Sitka line of hunting gear. Of particular interest is the redesigned Sitka Gear Stormfront series of GORE-TEX® hunting rain gear. Tougher, leaner and more huntable than ever. Add to that an expanded line of Kids Sitka Gear, so the little ones can enjoy the experience as much as you even when the weather turns nasty. How about a new Jetstream Lite lineup that will cut your hunting gear system weight without sacrificing performance on your early and mid season hunts. Next up are a few critical pant additions to the Sitka Gear Elevated Forest products; the Early Season Whitetail Pant and the Stratus Pant; two items stand hunters have been clamoring for. And last, but not least, a new rain jacket to round out the Waterfowl lineup very nicely; the Sitka Gear Boreal Jacket.

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New First Lite Clothes

We get asked a lot questions about hunting clothes here at High Mountain Outfitters and one of the upcoming clothing brands that we feel people should know more about is First Lite.

New Chama QZ

First Lite started in 2007 with some Idaho boys who had a passion for the outdoors and who were looking for some clothing that could do it all. They, Kenton Carruth and Scott Robinson, made First Lite clothing completely out of Merino wool, a fabric known for its durability, warmth, and comfort.

Most of you outdoorsman and outdoorswoman already know this but wool is an exceptional fabric. Wool does an outstanding job at wicking moisture. It has great insulating properties. It has natural odor control. It is very quiet. And best of all, it is extremely durable. Even though there are a lot of new synthetic fabrics out there with similar properties to wool, none have been able to recreate or surpass what natural wool has to offer. That is why wool continues to be a top choice for the serious outdoorsman.

First Lite clothing is patterned in Mossy Oak Break-Up , Realtree Max-1 , ASAT (All Season All Terrain) and new for 2012, Mathews Lost Camo .  First Lite clothing also comes in two solid colors, Black and Dry Earth (brown).

In the new 2012 line-up, there will be minor tweaks on old favorites. The Llano QZ and Chama QZ will sport a front half zip on the chest. The beanies, brimmed beanies, and windrivers will have minor updates to them. There will be a new Llano short sleeve as well as a new workshirt called the Chugach coming out. For more information on what is new check it out at First Lite.

We believe First Lite has the potential to be one of the “next big thing” in hunting clothes, so if you are doing some last minute shopping for your spring bear or turkey hunt we suggest you give them a try.

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2012 Idaho Trail Cam Images

It was almost a very disappointing spring trail camera season. I pulled one of my cameras earlier this week that had been sitting for almost 3 weeks prior and realized that I forgot to take it out of Test mode. It was brutal. A punch in the gut. Three weeks in prime elk/wolf/animal habitat and it wasn’t even working.

So today when I went to pull my last trail camera before I put them on my bear baits for the spring, I was expecting the worst. Nothing had been going right this spring for my trail cams so why should it now. I pulled the camera, swapped the card, put the camera on my bear bait nearby, and headed back to the computer.  To my relief, 600+ pictures were taken and most of them with animals.

Nothing as a great as last years photos, but not too shabby. From now until the end of June the cameras will be used for bear hunting but I will start using them to scout come July and August.

Don’t forget to get all of your hunting, fishing, camping, and backpacking supplies here at High Mountain Outfitters! Bear season is in full swing and Turkey season is on-deck.

Bear Season!

2012 bear candy shop

If anyone was wondering what 550 pounds of caramel and chocolate caramel looked like, well here you go. Spring bear season starts tomorrow, April 1st, for some units of Idaho and it is time to start cleaning the gear, shooting the bow or rifle, and getting the legs in shape. There isn’t a better way to start the 2012 hunting year then harvesting a nice bruin.

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whaa waaaahhhhh (trail camera post)

I got anxious and pulled one of my trail cameras a little early this week. It had only been sitting for about 7 days but I thought for sure that it would have some action on it. When I set it up there was a nice little 5×5 bull on the ridge and I knew there was more game in the area. The place I put the camera was in the same spot I got the sweet elk/wolf series during last spring so I figured I couldn’t go wrong. Continue reading whaa waaaahhhhh (trail camera post)

More trail camera teasers

Here are a couple more old trail cam pictures from last year. I did get one of my trail cameras out for action Monday evening so hopefully next week when I pull it there will be some sweet pictures.

A little background story on the set of pictures that were taken in the night. This cow elk was frantically running from one side of the ridge to the other for about a half an hour before she walked across with her calf (I got about 40 images of this). The cow continued to run back and forth across the frame for about another 45 minutes after her calf walked across (~300 images). It wasn’t long after did the  beady eyes of the wolf came from the middle of the frame and proceeded to walk straight towards the camera. After I saw this I was sure that the poor calf was a gonner. But low and behold the next morning the first set of pictures I captured was of the cow and calf grazing on the shrubs.

Most of the other pictures don’t really need explaining since they are just scenic or have an obvious sequences.


‘Bout that time again.

The snow is still falling outside but it is about time to do one of my favorite “off season” activities, setting up spring trail cameras. For everyone who is reading this thinking, “why in the world would you need to start scouting and setting up trail cameras five months before the next hunting season?”, the answer has nothing to do with fall hunting. For me setting out spring trail cameras is simply fun and a great way to get outdoors.


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Cascade Cup Ice Fishing Tournament

If you live in Idaho and are looking for something to do this weekend Tackle Tom’s is having the annual Cascade Cup Ice Fishing Tournament up on Cascade Lake. The Cup is going on all of Saturday and half of Sunday. Categories are biggest 3 perch and biggest rainbow. There is also a youth category. The atmosphere is very laid back and leisurely. Everyone should come check it out. I will be fishing with Mackinaw Mike, who will be defending his rainbow trout title from last year, and I hope to see some of you High Mountain fans out there as well.










Look for this guy (me/Bryce) out on the ice and swing by to chat. Good luck!

Imago Fly Fishing Gear

Here at High Mountain Outfitters we try and provide the best gear for every type of  outdoor adventure. When we look at the products we carry and new products that we would like to carry, we ask ourselves two things. “Is this really one of the best products on the market?” and “If we could, would we personally use this product?”.

Most people know us for our hunting gear; Sitka, First Lite, Kenetrek, etc. but what a lot of people don’t know is that we carry fly fishing gear as well. At the moment we solely carry Imago gear. Imago isn’t a name that is thrown around at every fly fishing shop or river side, and to be honest, I had only heard of them a hand full of times before I started working here four months ago. But after becoming familiar with their products I realized why we carry them, they easily answer “yes” to the two primary questions.

Their fly rods are designed with extreme detail and care. Their waders are built to survive the harshest slides on steep rocky stream banks. Their jackets have a minimalistic approach but contain all of the right features. I could go on and on about their reels, lines, and boots, but you probably get the point. Every Imago product was created by fly fishing fanatics for fly fishing fanatics and it shows in the detail and quality of their products.

Even though Imago isn’t as well known as Orvis, Sage, Simms, etc. the quality of their gear is equal to or even surpasses these “big dogs”.  So if you are done with hunting for the season and are starting to prep for spring time steelhead, salmon, or trout fishing,  you should check into Imago gear while you browse around. Chances are you will be surprised with what Imago has to offer.

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Quality gear for your extreme adventures.



Chukar, Chukar, Chukar

We have been spoiled with fantastic weather this year. Up until this week, there has hardly been a speck of moisture down in the foothills and the cool temperatures have kept the roads hard and dry. Unfortunately we are getting dumped on with rain and snow right now, but the fantastic weather earlier allowed me and some good friends to get out in the sagebrush nearly every weekend and hunt for chukar, hungarian partridge (huns), and quail.  Each trip we found a lot of birds, shot a lot of shells, and always had a great time. (Pictures below) Continue reading Chukar, Chukar, Chukar

Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo

It is kind of late notice but there is a Fly Fishing Expo going on today (January 13th) and tomorrow (January 14th) here in Boise. The details are here Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo. If you live in Boise or nearby you should check it out. I have been to the WIFFExpo in years past and it has always been great. You can listen to some great speakers, meet knowledgeable fly fisherman, and best of all you can usually get some free gear (usually flies and other smally gimmicky things). But for $5 entry fee, it is a great way to spend an hour or two.

Last Hunt of 2011

When I heard the vibration of my phone at 8:00 AM on Saturday morning, with groggy eyes and a brain that wasn’t quite ready to function, I rolled over to check and see what junk email or pointless notification was ruining my sleep.  It turned out to be my buddy Ken texting that his german shorthair named Zeus, who had cut his chest open while hunting a couple weeks back, was healed up and that they were headed back into the field for some more upland game action. After reading that, it wasn’t long before I had my gun, gear, and some grub together and I was headed out the door.

Ken and Zeus








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