First Lite FUSION Camo Available Now at High Mountain Outfitters

First Lite FUSION Camo represents an extremely versatile concealment system for hunters. A proprietary mix of shapes and colors designed to disguise the human form. FUSION Camouflage dissolves into the surroundings unlike anything else. Short to long distances, it excels at removing the typical outlines of the hunter through a combined set of features. Fusion employs both large and small disruption as well as finely tuned textures. These features are derived and implemented from elements found throughout the natural world. Simply put, the relationship between color and shape is specifically designed to fool your quarry and resemble repeating patterns found in nature.

First Lite FUSION Camo
First Lite FUSION Camo

By carefully using shading and algorithms based on nature, the prey’s focal vision is confused. Depth perception and peripheral vision of prey is affected with the controlled contrast and disruptive coloration. Fusion Camouflage offers an inherent ability to function in just about any environment and transitions between them extremely well. It was designed this way to enable and free the hunter to successfully operate in a wider variety of environments without a change in camo. First Lite FUSION Camo is available now at High Mountain Outfitters.

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