First Lite

First Lite was conceived in 2007 by Kenton Carruth and Scott Robinson, avid outdoorsmen  from the Rocky Mountains of Central Idaho. Being involved in the winter sport and outdoor industries through skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling, they were influenced by the recent trend toward natural, high-performance fabrics being used for base layers; specifically with the emergence of Merino wool as a next to skin fabric. After testing various Merino wool products for winter sport endeavors, First Lite began trying them out in the fall during the hunting season. They found that they could use these products for bow hunting in September, rifle in October, upland and waterfowl in November, and predator hunting in December. The fabrics performed in all seasons and in all conditions providing warmth during the cool mornings, cooling as the day heated up and, amazingly, kept them completely odor free day after day, and hunt after hunt. However, they found that in many hunting conditions, they wanted the Merino layer to be on the outside but we were limited to black as the only color option. Finding the solution to this problem launched them on this journey. After many hours working with suppliers of Merino wool, fabric mills and sewing shops, First Lite developed a collection of next to skin and base layer products that are available in camouflage patterns so they can be worn on the outside as well as the inside. This combination of the most versatile fabric available, sewn in patterns that meet a hunters needs offered in camouflage is the backbone of the First Lite vision. We are excited to bring this product offering to you, the avid hunter who demands the highest quality gear to ensure that comfort and odor control don’t get in the way of your passion for hunting and the outdoors.

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